Upgrade to Featured Listing

If your company has been already listed or submitted for listing, Here you can make it as Featured Listing.

Benefits of Being a Featured Listing

+ A featured listing will be displayed in top positions for relevant business categories while compare to other regular listings.

+ There will be no any labels such as Sponsored, Featured, Paid, Advt etc. for Featured Listing. Thus a normal visitor always click for top company listings as there is no visible difference between regular and featured listing.

+ A featured listing company will receive more relevant leads through Post Requirement section.

+ Since top listing company have more chance to get Clicks, featured listing company will get more Business Phone Calls and Direct E-mail Enquires. 

Featured Listing for 3 Months

For Payment inside India INR 500 – Click Below Instamojo Button

For Payment from outside India USD 13 – Click Below Paypal Button

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