Turer A.S.

Izmir Turkey

Turer A.S. is located at Izmir in Turkey . They are Spice Exporters, Spice Manufacturers, Spice Producers of Cinnamon, Cumin Seeds, Laurel Leaves, Oregano, Sage, Sesame seeds, Sumac, Thyme etc. in Ground Spice, Spice Oil and Oleoresins, Whole Spice forms. Their main business regions are Albania, Asia, Austria, Canada, Europe, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Japan, North America, USA etc. The company achieved BRC Food Certification, FDA, ISO, KOSHER, SGS certificates. Turer A.S. is established in the year 1950.

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Location Address :
Turer A.S.
Tepecik Mah. Akcakaya Kume Evler No:1
Seferihisar, Izmir, Turkey


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Company Message

Main products are oregano, laurel, sage, rosemary, fennel, cumin, anise, poppy, sesame, nigella. On the other hand it’s obtained various of essential oils and waters of the medical and aromatic herbs such as oregano, laurel, rosemary with steam distillation system. The capacity is annually around 3.500 tons for finished products. About 95% of all the production is exported and Its 60% is done through the USA. Additionally Türer A.Ş. exports through about 20 countries more. All analysis are done at our own laboratory. All production is regularly supervised and controlled by the Quality – Assurance Department and 3rd part organizations. All processing lines, magnets and metal detectors are held under the regular control. Our company’s been operating the production focusing on customers’ satisfaction with the utmost convenience for years.

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Sales, Purchase, Exporting & Importing Regions

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    Major Spices

    Spice Forms
    Ground Spice, Spice Oil and Oleoresins, Whole Spice

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