Ste Chukky & Associates Sarl

Ste Chukky & Associates Sarl

Benin Cotonou

Ste Chukky & Associates, located in Bartito Cotonou Benin, is a limited liability company registered under Benin Rep companies act. With registration endorsement from Benin Chambers of Commerce and Industries

Ste Chukky & Associates Sarl
Carre 507 Bartito
Benin Rep

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Spice Exporter
Spice Importer
Spice Supplier – Spice Wholesaler, Spice Trader

Sales & Exporting Regions
Benin Rep, Rep of Togo, Burkinafaso, Central African Republic, Niger

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Major Spices

All types of spices

Spice Forms
Whole Spices, Ground Spices, Spice Oil and Oleoresins

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