Nilkanth Foods

Mahuva Gujarat India

Nilkanth Foods is located at Mahuva in Gujarat, India . They are Spice Exporters, Spice Suppliers, Spice Traders, Spice Wholesalers of Bay Leaves, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Chives, Fenugreek, Garlic, Ginger, Onions, Red Pepper ( Chili ), Star Anise, Tomatoes, Turmeric etc. in Ground Spice, Whole Spice forms. They also supply/ manufacture seasonings like Biriyani Masala, Chicken Masala Powder, Curry Masala Powder, Garam Masala, Kebab Masala, Mutton Masala, Vegetable Masala etc. Their main business regions are Africa, Asia, Brazil, Europe, Germany, Hungary, India, Mauritius, North America, Russia, South America, Spain, UK United Kingdom, USA etc. The company achieved FSSAI, HALAL, ISO, Spices Board - India, USFDA certificates. Nilkanth Foods is established in the year 2015.

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Location Address :
Nilkanth Foods
R S No 175P1, Hari Para Road
Mahuva 364290
Gujarat, India

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Company Message

am proud to introduce to you our company “Nilkanth Foods”, which is an ISO, USFDA, Halal, Certified Dehydration Plant, engaged in manufacturing & exporting Dehydrated White / Red, Pink Onion & Garlic &Spices Products in various forms like: Kibbled, Minced, Chopped, Granulated & Powder. Currently our top class quality products are being praised by our valued clients ranging from different European Countries like Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia & Ukraine.

Product Portfolio:

• Dehydrated White, Pink, Red Onion – Kibbled,Minced,Chopped,Granulated & Powder
• Dehydrated Garlic – Flakes,Minced,Chopped,Granulated & Powder
• Other Dehydrated Vegetables & Herbs
(Ginger,Carrot,Potato,Spinach,Mint,Curry leaves,Oregano,)
• Spices Whole/Powder – (RedChili,Turmeric,Coriander,Cumin,Fenugreek,Fennel seeds,Caradamom,Nutmeg,Black pepper,Cinnamon)
• Fried onion– White ,Pink, Red
• Fried Garlic

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    Seasonings / Spice Blends / Spice Mix

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