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Kalpdrup Organics And Agriculture Projects Pvt. Ltd.

Ahmedabad Gujrat India

Kalpdrup Organics And Agriculture Projects Pvt. Ltd. is located at Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India . They are Spice Exporters, Spice Suppliers, Spice Traders of Ashwagandha, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Coriander, Cumin Seeds, Dried Red Clover Flowers, Dry Red Chilli, Garlic, Giloy, Ginger, Red Pepper ( Chili ), Turmeric etc. in Ground Spice, Spice Oil and Oleoresins, Whole Spice forms. Their main business regions are Africa, Algeria, Angola, Asia, Australia, Bahrain, Belarus, Benin, Bhutan, Canada, Cape Verde, Europe, GCC, Middle East, North America etc. The company achieved GMP certificate. Kalpdrup Organics And Agriculture Projects Pvt. Ltd. is established in the year 2022.

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Location Address :
Kalpdrup Organics And Agriculture Projects Pvt. Ltd.
B2203 Westgate
Near Ymca Club
Sg Highway
Ahmedabad ,Gujrat 380015

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Organic Products India is an organization that specialises inmanufacturing and exporting a variety of organic food products likeoil seeds, spices, grains and pulses. We are a subsidiary of the globallyacclaimed Kalpdrup Organic and Agriculture Projects Pvt. Ltd. who carved a niche in their field by adapting a six-tier approach to TotalQuality Management (TQM). People across the world have conclusivelyaccepted the fact that organic produce is not just another fad or amarketing ploy. Organic Products India understood this point way back in 1999! Sincethen we have devoted ourselves to taking the organic revolution overseas. Almost two decades later we have anchored a benchmark in the field oforganic product exporting. The organic products offered by us are good for your health additionallythey also happen to be a smart choice. Picking organic food products over the regular ones is an effective decision for personal as well as planetaryhealth. Our organic products are totally void of toxic chemicals, rich in nutrition & sustainable in nature. With us, you will get access to a widevariety of organic products like Amaranth seeds, Flax seeds, Sesameseeds, Psyllium, Black cumin seeds, Yellow Mustard Seeds, BlackMustard seeds, Pulses, Grains, Herbs and a lot more. We have in-house processing plants which are based in Unjha, Gujarat which is widely known as the heart of sesame & spice market of India. All the items on our product list are cultivated adhering to the highest standards of quality control. Over the years we have obtained all the required certifications and registrations from the concerned global authorities. All our processes are GMP certified & we follow a step by step approach towards providing the best quality products to our customers.


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    Spice Forms Ground Spice, Spice Oil and Oleoresins, Whole Spice


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