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Want to know the prices of all these products – Enquiry From Cairo Egypt

Requirement :
We are pleased to advise that, we are a privately-owned Egyptian company dealing with ( SPICES ) etc. which we are interested. We therefore, take this pleasant opportunity of approaching your
good selves, with the sincere, how that our this contact will lead us to mutual business relations between our two companies.

We want you to help us in opening a market in Europe ( ROMANIA) through our company in Egypt,
So we want to know ( the prices of all this products per Kg )

Red chilli powder 10 kg
Sweet Red pepper powder( Paprika) 200kg
Pepper powder 150KG
Whole pepper bold 50 KG
White pepper powder 10 kg
Coriander seeds Powder
Turmeric powder 5kg (curcumin 3% to 3.5%)
Cumin powder 10 kg
Curry spice powder 3 kg
sumac powder 3 kg
ginger powder 5 kg
Nutmeg with shell
Garlic powder 3 kg
Green cumin 3kg
Cinnamon 10 kg
mustard 5 kg
Basil 2 kg
Dill seeds 2 kg (dry)
Parsley 4kg (dry)
Cardamom 2kg
Thyme 5kg (dry)
Sesame 15 kg
laurel paper 10kg
Red Sumac 3kg
Cinnamon stick 4kg
Sausage spices 10 kg
kapab spices 5 kg
shawerma spices 5 kg
Falafel spices 5 kg
Grill spices 10 kg
7 spices 10kg
Chicken, spices 10 KG
Anise 4 kg
Star Aniseed 2 kg
Fennel seeds 3kg
Clove 2kg
Saga 2kg
Marjoram 5kg
peppermint 2kg
Fennel seeds 2kg
Chamomile 5kg

With packing all products in 50-gram packages per bag with our logo name on all products,
and sending them to Timisoara Romania by air freight or Truck. We ask you to kindly inform us the prices and the total value of the products including shipping and packing sent to you within 10 days of receiving the value of the goods on the terms that we will agree upon together.

As soon as we hear from you, we shall proceed further into this, you may quote us your best possible prices CIF Timisoara Romania by Airfreight Or Truck Shipping

Your soon reply will be highly appreciated,
Magdy Gafaar

Sincerely yours
Medg Trading Co.

Post Date : 01 Mar 2021

Company : MedgTrading Co.
City / Country : Cairo Egypt
Phone No. :  +201222913985

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