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Require Quotation for Spices – Enquiry From Mangalore Karnataka India

Requirement :

I am writing this letter to seek a quotation from you. In our company, we planned to Export the product to outside the country, in high volume. In this regard, I request you to send a detailed quotation regarding the various packages you offer. There are various items to be upgraded. The product list as follows:

Black Pepper Powder 20 kg
Black Pepper Whole No.1 25 kg
Black Pepper Whole No.2 60 Kg
Cassia (Cinnamon) Tube 20 kg
Cassia (Cinnamon) Stick 20 kg
Cassia Vera Indonesia 10 kg
Cassia Powder 20 kg
Chilly Crushed 15 kg
Chilly Powder 50:50 40 kg
Chilli Powder Veer 25 kg
Chilly Powder Kashmiri K 15 kg
Chilly Whole Kashmiri 10 kg
Chilly Whole Long India 10 kg
Chilly Whole Round Pak 15 kg
Cloves 10 kg
Coriander Powder 50:50 40 kg
Coriander Powder 50:50 25 kg
Coriander Powder Veer 25 kg
Coriander Seed Eagle 15 kg
Coriander Seed Parrot 15 kg
Coriander Split 33 kg
Cornflour 25 kg
Cumin Powder 20 kg
Cumin Seeds India No.1 25 kg
Cumin Seeds India No.2 25 kg
Garlic Powder India 20 kg
Dry Ginger 50 kg
Ginger Powder 20 kg
Paprika Asta 180 25 kg
Tamarind Thailand 50×300
Tamarind 50:50 20X1 Kg
Tamarind 50:50 40X500gm
Tamarind withseed 50:50 20X1 Kg
Tamarind withseed 50:50 40X500gm
Tej Patta 10 kg
Turmeric Powder 50:50 40 kg
Turmeric Powder Veer 25 kg
Turmeric Finger 10 kg
White Pepper Powder 20 kg
White Pepper Whole 25 kg

Ajwan Seeds India 10 kg
Cardamom Black 5 kg
Cardamom FLG 5 kg
Cardamom JLG 5 kg
Cardamom MLG 5 kg
Cardamom MYQ 5 kg
Mace 10 kg
Dry Lemon Black 10 kg
Dry Lemon Yellow 10 kg
Fennel Seeds Green 10 kg
Fennel Seeds Sweet (Big) 10 kg
Fennel Seeds Sweet (Small) 10 kg
Aselio Seeds 15 kg
Shajeera 5 kg
Flax Seed 15 kg
Kalaunji 15 kg
Kurmura 10 kg
Barley 15 kg
Basil Seed Big 10 kg
Basil Seed Small 10 kg
Charmagaz 10 kg
Kodampulli 50x100g
Methi Seeds 15 kg
Mustard Seeds 15 kg
Nut Meg 25 kg
Ragi Seed 15 kg
Chia Seeds Black 25 kg
Quinoa Seeds White 25 kg
Sagoo Seeds India 15 kg
Sagoo Seeds Thai 15 kg
Salt Black Powder 10 kg
Salt Black Whole 10 kg
Salt India 25 kg
Rock Salt 20X1 Kg
Sesame Seeds Black 10 kg
Sesame Seeds White 15 kg
Sodium Bicarbonate 25 kg
Star Anis Seeds 10 kg
Yansoon 10 kg
Stone Flower 7 kg

Post Date : 25 Dec 2020

Company : Ajith agro India
City / Country : Mangalore Karnataka India
Phone No. :  +919686182100

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