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Lavender Harvest – Farmer’s Announcement From Guinda California USA

Farmer’s Announcement :
Here is details of Crop

CropApprox. Quantity (Kg / Ton)Approx. Rate per Kg or per TonHarvest Time
Lavender300 Kg80 $/KgAugust 2023

We just completed our summer 2023 lavender harvest and are pleased to offer you our Dried Lavender Flower Buds (Lavandula angustifolia) right from the farm! Our culinary lavender is lovingly grown and harvested on our farm without the use of chemicals or pesticides, and then carefully hand-sifted. These flower buds are from our stunning “Superblue” variety. This compact English lavender is often popular with chefs and bakers as it is an excellent culinary variety. It is deep blue in color, sweetly fragrant. and quite versatile. Besides being an excellent culinary lavender, it is also a perfect lavender to fill sachets, to use for aromatics, and so much more.

Post Date : 19 Sept 2023

Farmer Name / Farmers’ Group Name : Mehdi Kohani
City / Country : Guinda California USA
Phone No. :  +1-530-324-2343

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